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Creating a new generation of female social entrepreneurs

Globalmama is a social enterprise set up and run by refugee women in Sheffield to empower and support women of all backgrounds to become social entrepreneurs themselves.


We provide a varied programme of personal and professional development activities for women in the UK and in East Africa to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take the seed of an idea and grow it into a sustainable social enterprise.

Welcome to Globalmama
Who We Are

Globalmama’s story began in 2010 when Amina Souleiman, a passionate human rights activist and advocate for the rights of women and girls, brought together a group of refugee women in Sheffield. The organisation has since delivered a wide range of successful projects to empower women in both the UK and East Africa with incredible partners and, in the past year, Globalmama’s impact reached record levels with more than 200 women undertaking training with the organisation.

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What We Do

Globalmama offers a comprehensive programme of training and mentoring opportunities for women to start and grow their social enterprise, as well as health and well-being  activities to ensure they lead happy, healthy and proactive lives, and community outreach programmes to provide a platform for women to take a leading role in tackling issues within their community.


Globalmama’s food and catering enterprise provides a platform for women in both the UK and East Africa to develop their skills and experience while sharing their delicious dishes with our clients. We offer a global menu with a range of hot and cold meals, snacks and packaged goods catering for events including festivals, weddings, corporate events and birthdays, or delivered directly to customers.


Keep in touch on Instagram @globalmamaltd

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